Residential Home for the Elderly in Rubí

Technical data

Intervention level: Scheme Design, Detail Design and Site Supervision.
Client: Social Welfare Department, Government of Catalonia.
Location: Barcelona
Competition year: 1998
Project year: 1999
Construction period: 1999 – 2000
Total built: 4.800 m²
Budget: 3.575.942,65 €
Construction company: Construcciones Juanes
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with *
  • Xavier Humet, technical architect.
  • IMOGEP, engineer, installations consultancy.
  • Manuel Arguijo, architect, structures consultancy.


  • 2ND VALLÉS BI-ANNUAL ARCHITECTURAL EXHIBITION C.O.A.C. Demarcación de Barcelona, Delegación del Vallés. Barcelona, 2003.
  • ARCHITECTURE OF SOCIAL SERVICES IN CATALONIA. Department of Social Action and Citizenship, Generalitat de Catalunya. Barcelona, 2009.
  • CONTEMPORARY LIVING SPACES FOR THE ELDERLY. Instituto Monsa de Ediciones. Barcelona, 2009.

Awards: Competition, 1st Place.


In the search for a model that synthesizes, position values in the city, functional assistance to various groups and areas of grandparents, etc.. this establishes an architecture building as a series of spatial sequences, sized both load-bearing activity, such as modular relationships, offering a clear and transparent geometry, more open in the two lower levels and controlled in the higher levels. It is characterized by a volumetric unit architectural body, does not renounce alignments to Lepanto and May Day streets, so that releases an open-garden-where you place different platforms tailored to the topographical situation of the roads and where is made the main access to the center.

The general accessibility to all occur on the west side, so as to allow a route according to the topography, reaching a centered position of the building, offering a comprehensive, conveniently making the approximation of the user and the family. Thus also the busiest areas of external – day center- is continuing landscaped space, treated as a protected activity and high sunlight.

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