Abat Marcet Primary School

Technical data

Intervention level: Scheme Design, Detail Design and Site Supervision.
Client: Gisa / Department of Education, Government of Catalonia.
Location: Barcelona
Project year: 2005
Construction period: 2005 – 2007
Total built: 3.434,68 m²
Budget: 3.005.543,21 €
Construction company: TRADE
Other technical:

  • AT3, technical architects.
  • Manuel Comas, engineer. Installations consultancy.
  • Miquel Angel Sala, architect. Structures consultancy.

The existing school complex distribution offered a very dispersed activities in the three blocks edificatory with a notorious lack of outdoor playgrounds and functional program offices.

However, the correct architecture and building good, despite being in the sixties, advises caution with the new intervention trying not to damage the image of the set current.

Project objectives:

– Sort by unifying different groups activities.
– Provide the School of all units of the program are missing.
– Update the installation regulations and fire safety and protection of all the buildings.


– Define three entrances to the School:
– Primary: Abat Marcet.Avenue.
– Children: Eduardo Marquina street.
– Patio Sports: Marques de Comillas street.

– Unify the two blocks high with a single lobby on ground floor, first floor and second floor, building closures of existing runways.
– Group Child classrooms downstairs Levante block and current P 3 by the porch and entrance hall.
– Provide exclusive courtyard to new classrooms P 4 and P 5.
– Extend the play areas of the outer courts.

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