Bernat Metge Primary School

Technical data

Intervention level: Scheme Design, Detail Design and Site Supervision.
Client: Gisa / Department of Education, Government of Catalonia.
Location: Barcelona
Competition year: 2009
Project year: 2009
Construction period: Beggining 2015.
Total built: 3.894’56 m²
Budget: 5.960.898’62 €
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with *.
  • Aumedesdap. Technical architects.
  • Manuel Comas Olivella. Installations Consultancy.
  • Lart. Structure Consultancy.

Awards: Competition, 1st Place.


The project is generated from the interaction between four main parameters: the place, the functional program, accessibility and building orientation. Joint reflection of these four parameters, there are three main invariants, intended to integrate as much as possible a building of its kind in a city very marked features, the need for convenient access to the site from the road shot and an optimal orientation.

The classrooms are arranged longitudinally in the north and south facades of the building, thus enhancing your improved. The new volumes are placed based geometric guidelines surrounding the school buildings, facilitating their integration into the neighborhood and releasing a large play area in conjunction with open space neighbors. The ground floor is broken down with two bodies occupying child activities and primary common activities, while the first floor is reserved for elementary classrooms. Two other single-storey parallelepipeds arranged perpendicular to the previous contains the gym and locker rooms for primary and psychomotor child’s classroom, closing the solar face east and west respectively.

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