Cavallers – Rosari Social Housing Units in Lleida

Technical data

Intervention level: Scheme Design, Detail Design and Site Supervision.
Client: Catalan Land Institute, Government of Catalonia.
Location: Lleida
Project year: 1998
Construction period: 2000 – 2002
Total built: 4.923 m²
Budget: 1.235.548,66 €
Construction company: BENITO ARNÓ
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with *
  • Carles Olomí, technical architect.
  • Imogep SA, engineer, installations consultancy.
  • Cabezas y Gongora. Structures consultancy.


  • THE HISTORIC CENTRE, A PLACE TO LIVE. La Paeria, Lleida City Council. Lleida, 1999.

The program is solved by defining two buildings placed a space linear connection between the streets Cavallers and Joglar Segali, causing both to access to housing and commercial property from this space, the new square Josep Solans.

The two volumes of building constructions fit perimeter of the plot. Thus, the block of the street Timbalers has a section of ground floor + 4 levels, and Roser Street block decreases adapting the building height of the Cultural House building and adopts a section of ground floor + 2 levels.

The creaked of Timbalers street building allows all homes open to opposing facades, thus enabling cross ventilation, and the building of Roser street solves cross ventilation organizing the plant with two apartments that open to opposing facades and the remaining four in corner also airing two distinct facades.

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