Health Care Center of Fraga

Technical data

Intervention level: Competition.
Client: Aragon Health Service.
Location: Huesca
Project year: 2004
Total built: 4.909 m²
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with *

The construction of the new social and health center in the town of Fraga means, among other objectives, the realization and implementation of the modernization process within the public health care network of Aragon, a new local equipment adapted to the needs and characteristics claim that these centers today. The set is divided into four areas, outpatient care, mental health, emergency assistance and social care. The site where the building is located belongs to an area of the city largely designed community facilities, highlighting the splendid open space of the park Estacada, parallel to the river Cinca, sports area and its outbuildings, which consolidates collective use of this site. Likewise the confluence of the Madrid Avenue and River Street Cinca, Fraga main road arteries, provide it with a clear accessibility from the city.

This proposal defines a positioning equipment there open to the city where the access points to the center in need, but likewise, facilitates joint inward through the incorporation of a large free space and next to park domains The Estacada, enables transparent interior-exterior relationship. The proposed model determines an organization that can fill both functional program requirements as its connectivity to the urban plot.

The volume characterized by three bodies of linear pin-connected by communication cores, allows a differentiation of activities for internal use and allows to locate exterior spaces, such other public use. The transparency of their level of access, with large domains through the courtyard space adjacent to the park, enhances the functions for the start of the itineraries, information, and scheduling of the various services, a provision enabling organizational activity difference outpatient mental health and the south, another for ongoing or emergency care, common services to the north, separated by a courtyard for hemodialysis and rehabilitation areas, developing into a first level the area of administration and teaching and in a third unit level social care assessment. A third central body areas houses outpatient surgery and radiology.

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