Health Sciences Complex – Santiago de Compostela University

Technical data

Intervention level: Competition
Client Santiago de Compostela University
Location: Santiago de Compostela
Competition year: 2016
Project year: 2017
Total built: 39.969 m²
Other technical:

  • UTE con Sanabria & Planas / Gallego Arquitectos SLP

The project proposes the creation of the Equipment Complex of Health Sciences Buildings for the University of Santiago de Compostela located at the confluence of the precincts of the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela and that of the Gil Casares Hospital.

The urban contextualization is based on the creation of a linear building of ground floor and three floors that will be implanted perimeter on the site with the intention of generating an interior controlled enclosure, surrounding in turn the old Gil Casares Hospital, dialoguing with its surroundings and the rest of adjacent buildings in a non-contrasted way, responding to the main traces of said environment.

There are two large access portals to the new enclosure. One in the South, reinforcing the historical memory of the current Gil Casares building, and another in the Northeast, providing an iconic reference of the new site and pedestrian access from the South Campus of Santiago de Compostela.

The mentioned perimeter layout is interconnected by the so-called bridge building, which generates at the same time that links the academic patio, of smaller dimensions, and the campus patio, of ample proportions.

Compositive and formal building configuration

The project, of linear volume and regular uniform composition, neutral and friendly with the place, surrounds the old Gil Casares building and provides a new center site for the new university equipment.

The geometric layout of the plant responds to the main traces of existing buildings, responding to the presence of the CHUS and the Gil Casares building and using the boundaries of the complex.

A building with thickness of the façades is proposed by means of the provision of wooden structural elements that attend to energy saving and provide a personalized image of solar control.

The interior facades are supported on a concrete portico as a porch that surrounds the enclosure. This porch connects all the exterior circulations to the roof and at the same time takes care of the delivery of the building with the floor.

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