Costa del Sol Hospital

Technical data

Intervention level: Competition.
Client: Health counseling, Government of Andalucía.
Location: Malaga
Project year: 2004
Total built: 15.639 m²
Budget: 23.851.764 €
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with *

Awards: Competition, 2nd Place.


The extension of the Hospital Costa del Sol is a newly created volume that will be part of the existing hospital and means the realization of an ambitious health care target in the process of modernization of this equipment in the whole network of health of the Autonomous Community. The Hospital Costa del Sol is a house built in the eighties and globally supported to load appropriate activity that has been exposed. The territory where it recorded this center is a place with topography significantly downward toward the sea, south. Located outside the boundaries of the urban area, has excellent road communications that enable accessibility from Malaga and from Marbella.

A criterion for optimal use of existing fields constructive aspects, functional and so are subject to recovery, reform or replacement of existing facilities. All services and creating new areas such as reform, are integrated into the new set so they can complete the functional program requirements. The location, size and area ratio, enables coordination in this proposal and engagement by noting some stages from a calendar and adaptive load activity that never ceases healthcare, consolidating resources and maintaining all hospital image and heritage it has.

This titration is characterized by a length from north to south five floors above ground that becomes available by the sun, on the cover of the entire hospital as an evolution of the current profile. The transparent walls of the first two levels, enhance the functions of place for access, general information and distribution routes to the general hospital and high resolution center. Some courtyards in east – west allow the location of much of the attendance areas and consulting rooms in interior areas, even lighting, away from public areas and giving into the center of a clear hierarchy for signaling and route.

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