Granollers Health Center

Technical data

Intervention level: Competition
Client: Infraestructures / Directorate General of Health Planning, Generalitat de Catalunya
Location: Granollers
Project year: 2015
Total built: 6.663,00 m²
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with RFArq Arquitectos.
  • 3D visualization: Playtime

Competition of the new Primary Care Center of Granollers. The building is articulated around a central garden courtyard, which organizes the spaces and flows on all floors. This patio, covered with glass, “grows” upwards, allowing to capture the maximum light towards the inferior plants. It functions as a bioclimatic atrium that controls and optimizes the climatic functions in winter and summer, supported by efficient air conditioning and luminaire systems, which allow to adjust the general expenditure of the energy consumptions.

The general vertical circulation nucleus are positioned against the sides: one for the patients and one for the public, and another for health personnel and services. Each core is directly connected with circulation “spines” that generate a flexible fabric but perfectly differentiated between public and internal use.

Inside the patio there is an open staircase, which connects all the rails with public access, facilitating the minimum vertical ascension from the entrance to the building. At street level of the access we find the emergency service, at a basement level we find the two CMA, and to the first and second floor the services of external consultations and support to chronicity and Assir.

To the treatment of glass facades, it is proposed an additional protection skin that gives an integral perception of the building, and that facilitates the flexibility of the interior distribution. At ground level, the total transparency of the façade gives visibility to the new equipment as a center open to everyone, and communicated with the neighborhood, with the luminous perception of the inner courtyard.