Historical Archive of Balaguer

Technical data

Intervention level: Scheme Design, Detail Design and Site Supervision.
Client: Department of Culture, Government of Catalonia.
Location: Lleida
Project year: 1998
Construction period: 1999 – 2000
Total built: 340 m²
Budget: 344.453,15 €
Construction company: TEYCO
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with *.
  • JG & Asociados, engineers, installations consultancy.
  • Robert Brufau, architect, structures consultancy.


  • 1ª MUESTRA DE ARQUITECTURA DE LAS TIERRAS DE LLEIDA. C.O.A.C. Demarcation of Lleida, Lleida Provincial Council. Lleida, 2005.

The architecture of a building to house a historical archive, is largely determining the conservation, study and keep documents, target equipment of this nature.

The files are complex structures that must respond to numerous functions, sometimes contradictory, and therefore have to enable integration and relation in CONSERVATION – STUDIO – COMMUNICATION of the documents.

The road between the streets of Sant Josep and Barri Nou, is the urban area where is located this cultural facility, owned by Jewish Call, urban early fourteenth century. This plot has been busy so far by the ruined church of Sant Josep, former parish of Baroque origin and later headquarters County Museum, until the construction of the new museum, located in the south-west.

This proposal seeks to address regional archives to architectural elements that are nearby wall, museum, plaza and church, for this reason has taken into consideration:

– The stroke and route of the wall, located on the south side, enveloping the place and expresses its permanence within the historic core.
– The Museum built body, volumetric articulation.
– The square as a meeting and joint access to buildings.

The building is divided into two levels, allowing on the one hand, to establish a technical access area next to the document repository, and a second open public access to the plaza.

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