Hospital of Navarra

Technical data

Intervention level: Competition.
Client: Navarre Health Service.
Location: Navarra
Project year: 2004
Total built: 12.863,05 m²
Budget: 11.631.000,00 €
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with *

Our proposal for the pavilion C Navarra Hospital is part of the current hospital and it means the realization of a goal and health care in the process of modernization of the equipment in the whole network of public health of the community of Navarre. The hospital complex, formed by an amalgamation of buildings from the early twentieth century, has endured renovations at different times and today still retains some pieces of undoubted architectural quality.

After an analysis of the areas of the current building, pre-existing conditions, quality of assets, planning proposals, services, construction system, reliability of the sets of facilities, etc.. available to the current flag this proposal C determines the replacement of existing facilities for newly created flag. Thus the well-known advantages that a current construction guarantees, joins a new organization that is part of the hospital complex to be allowed to complete the program requirements both functional connectivity with the other buildings. The location, size and area ratio, enables coordination and engagement by noting some stages from a calendar and adaptive load activity that never ceases healthcare, consolidating resources and keeping the whole image and heritage hospital possesses.

The volumetric proposal is characterized by a body in a north – south four floors above ground as part of a joint scenery urban way within the overall complex, interacting with Halls D, E and Church once down the flag L . The transparent form of his first two levels, enhances the functions of place to access, information, pain unit, endoscopy unit and service unit stay digestive zero for the ground floor and the intensive care unit and two operating rooms the first floor, and the distribution of routes to the inpatient unit and departments of internal medicine and endocrinology service on the second floor and the inpatient unit and service units of hematology and oncology care in the third floor. Some small courtyards provide natural lighting in many of the internal areas within the center providing a clear hierarchy for signaling and routes.

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