Multi-family Housing Units in Pallejà

Technical data

Intervention level: Scheme Design, Detail Design and Site Supervision.
Client: Instituto Metropolitano de Promoción del Suelo Gestión Patrimonial (IMPSOL).
Location: Barcelona
Competition year: 1997
Project year: 1997
Construction period: 1998 – 2003
Total built: 2.755 m²
Budget: 718.750,03 €
Construction company: UVESA / OCP / OSHSA
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with *
  • Josep M. Oller, rigger.
  • Manuel Comas, engineer, installation consultancy.
  • Manuel Arguijo, architect, structures consultancy.


  • SUBSIDISED METROPOLITAN HOUSING 1995-2003. Barcelona Metropolitan Area. Association of Municipalities. Barcelona, 2003.
  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING. IMPSOL’S PROPOSAL. Barcelona Metropolitan Area. Impsol. C.O.A.C. Barcelona, 1997.

Awards: Competition, 1st Place.


The resolution of this project serves the urban conditions of the place-is an urban area in Palleja, regulatory positioning, proximity and relationship with adjoining this titration, the construction technology to be used, to the provision requested programmatic etc., and the answer is therefore to these external considerations, as to those from within each of the houses has to solve public housing.

This block of 21×21 m. at 45 ° with respect to the directrix of the vial, used in this case, the edge nearest access point thus obtaining an optimal use to the rest of the solar as a garden.

A central space open full height and illuminated by a skylight built on the deck, is the itinerary for access to housing that is at the midpoint and establishes a hierarchy of uses in the set. A displacement of the four units around this courtyard communication plant forms a moving image.

In housing type, living and dining areas are arranged in corner optimizing the interior-exterior, ventilation and increased use of solar path. The linear arrangement allows the flexibility of bedrooms and living-room. The damp, services and connections form a continuous ring for soundproofing and ease in maintenance.

The exterior image conditioned by normative standards and deck construction, materials and textures of façade elements has a terrace that fragment the monolithic and incorporate a dynamic displacement mapping articulated that the building contains.

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