Sant Llorenç Hospital

Technical data

Intervention level: Ideas Competition
Client: GISA / Department of Health, Government of Catalonia
Location: Viladecans, Barcelona
Project year: 2008
Total built: 40.757,19 m²
Budget: 74.432.055,52 €
Other technical:

  • Collaboration with *
  • GRUPO JG, installations consultancy.
  • Sala Consultors S.L., structure consultancy.
  • Josep Mª Oller, economic consultancy.

Awards: Competition, 2nd Place


The overall geometric envelope set is made up of two sectors edificatory that subdivides the proposal. The first is defined by the adaptation and optimization of the three existing volumes that adapted to the parts of the program that allow, validate and enhance the relationships defined in the place. A second area is taking place north of the site and answer the most technologically advanced areas, complex, dense, and therefore more contemporary construction conditions and functional requirements with more specificity care.

It has given a whole host of outdoor space, and a large covered porch extending vestibular space. The building reused cafeteria-old emergency-permeable and transparent, also facilitates visual domains from the garden, facing the historic building, up to this porch. This gives it, schedules fluency at street and the hospital became a place to stay open to all the lower level.

A strategy volumetric solids and voids in the center of the complex, with the recruitment and development of longitudinal blocks in the north – south direction, allows the achievement of different spaces around this system. Obtained in this way a whole-fragmentation, patios open to different services, almost all contact with the outside, and the center adopts a sustainable organization, of a Mediterranean area-ratio, location, and the deriving environmental optimization.

All areas are designed for loads of hospital activity requested, yet belong to a modular relationship in the future facilitate the exchange and mobility in the use thereof. Figure space opens and closes obtained abroad according to the collective activities or custom referred to the program by establishing the necessary visual domains in each area. Geometry is clear limits and presents a hierarchical and strictly necessary in these models for health architecture.

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